Our Guarantee

ourguarantee2Our Commitment in Every Phase

Detail, details! We build homes that are constructed with a commitment to quality in every phase and facet of the building process—from home design and engineering, site preparation and house placement, to material selection and construction. Our attention to detail ensures that every home is built to last a lifetime.

We are Master Builders

We are expert high performance home builders with over three decades of experience. Our homes qualify and can be certified by Energy Star, the North Carolina Healthy Built Homes, and LEED programs. We are fully insured and carry the highest licensing credential as an unlimited licensed builder.

You Come First!

Service is the key for us.  Whether it is a small project or large one, all clients get equal treatment of great service.  Check out our references and they will tell you that we are extremely loyal to our clients and their needs. We take time initially to understand our client’s tastes, desires, and architectural intent behind the design they choose. We actually want them to experience a fun and exciting construction process. We work closely with our clients from the architectural design phase (if needed) to the fine finish detail phase of the home. We also help our clients by saving them money by working with the architect or designer to value engineer the structure.

We are Committed to Energy Efficiency and Green Building Science

Our commitment is to build the most comfortable home possible for you; saving you money on energy bills, while preserving natural resources. We provide energy engineering by evaluating the building orientation, building perimeter, type and size of windows proposed to determine insulation needs, and HVAC requirements. We can estimate how much your house will cost to operate even before we build it!

We are Committed to Efficient Engineering and Indoor Air Quality

We can hire third party inspectors (HERS Raters) to air test your doors, windows, fireplace, chimney, and building envelope to test for air leakage in HVAC ducting prior to finishing the walls to protect against costly leaks.  We can install central electronic testing equipment to test the ventilation of house to insure proper air movement, balance, and indoor air quality.

We are experienced with energy efficient equipment such as geo-thermal heat pumps, solar heating with custom boiler systems for radiant floor heating, and high efficiency heat pumps using auxiliary back-up furnace systems managed by programmable thermostats with separate zones. We install central electronic air cleaners and energy recovery ventilators to provide fresh-air exchanges for optimal indoor air quality. We are experienced in many different insulation systems ranging from dense-packed cellulose spray and fiberglass BATT to open or closed cell spray foams.

You Get Highly Qualified Supervision

We place experienced superintendents on your project to insure the utmost quality, coordination, and speed of construction. Each of our superintendents have decades of experience in residential building. We check on each project daily and in some cases you will see us with our toolbelts on, too!

You Get Expert Construction

We pay close attention to the demands and requirements of the foundations we build. We are well-learned in concrete, concrete block, pour-in-place concrete, Superior Walls, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), and Monokast walls for the interior of your house to stay dry.  We are very thorough to insure proper waterproofing of foundation walls. All of our superintendents have extensive concrete, framing, and finish carpentry experience and understand the craftsman’s view as well as the engineering scope of construction.

Overall we are known for and committed to pay attention to the finer details when building. We are committed to building the highest quality home possible your money will allow. Our past clients are our best advertising and we are happy to give you a referral list. We love living in a majestic state and are committed to majestic building for you for life.


“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established.”
Proverbs 24:3