General Contracting

We carry an Unlimited North Carolina residential and commercial general contracting license. Contract building services provide the client with general contracting services to alleviate the need for high involvement for the homeowner. The home building process begins by meeting with you to clearly understand your dreams, the design intent, project goals and necessary timelines.

We are willing to engage in the design phase with the architect and/or designer to help value-engineer the project. This means we will help lead the architect to provide our client what they desire at a minimal expense by directing the way the building and details are assembled.

Majestic Estate Builders, Inc. manages the accounting and submits reports to the client as needed and progress payment draws to the construction lender. Our contractor fees are based on time and material costs. This method would be ideal for those who desire to make many changes in the design and building process.

An alternative method for those on a fixed budget would be a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). If the client feels comfortable with what we have to offer and upon their request, we will provide them with a comprehensive construction take-off at a reasonable price and submit a guaranteed maximum price which means a “not to exceed price” proposal.

The take-off is formatted in a line-by-line spreadsheet that reveals fixed prices, allowance categories, general conditions, and construction fees. We handle every phase of construction from hiring subcontractors to handling city or county submittals through turn-key. Majestic manages the accounting and submits reports to the client as needed.

We are fully insured and manage certificates of liability and workers compensation insurance from our subcontractors. Change orders are billed in addition to the GMP.