Custom Home Building Process

By the time we are contacted about building a house most clients have already purchased their land. However, if you have not, no worries…we are also a full service brokerage company that helps you find a great lot and even a great rental home for you to live in while your home is being built if you want to stay local. If you already own your own lot then we make sure your dream house fits well on the land.

Generally the process goes like this… we ask questions, we listen, we understand, and then perform outstanding results. We seek to walk out every phase of the construction process with honesty and integrity. Our commitment is to ensure that your vision is fulfilled and that your expectations are exceeded.

We ask our clients two primary questions:

(1) “What’s your budget?”

(2) “What really matters to you and your family?”

How you answer these questions help us provide suggestions and bring direction to the project based upon your values not ours…which is the beauty of having a custom home!

Due to the vast information, easy access, and garden variety of ideas found on the internet, most of our clients have an idea or picture of what they want their house to look like even before they contact us. If not, we have a number of different plans we own, creative websites we can share, or publications for you to review. In most cases the plan you pick will need to be custom-tailored changed to meet your needs. No worries…we can make the changes or if it makes more sense financially you can work with several architects & designers that we highly recommend to make those changes. Nevertheless, we invest the necessary time on the front end so our clients get the plan they want. We take time with clients to visit homes we’ve built or designer showrooms to get an idea of the client’s taste to determine things they like and dislike in order to realistically price the project.

Then we provide our client with a comprehensive estimate based upon the plans and items we have discussed that are important to them. The estimate is a detailed line item that not only accounts for the house construction but includes the infrastructure that will support the house such as the utilities, driveway, well and septic, etc. Then we meet with you to review the line item estimate to receive approval to move to the next phase which is the specifications phase. After the budget is approved we draft a detailed document that describes the specific items or the items that have been given an allowance.

Finally, we move to the contract phase which includes drafting an agreement between us that includes the budget, specifications, and payment schedule so everyone knows what to expect. We then move on to the construction phase!!!